South East Asia trade agent

Together with partners in Hong Kong, we can help suppliers of Danish quality products to establish themselves in the SE Asia market.

JHH International acts solely as value-based business development consults.

We believe that the road to success is plagued with openness, strong collaboration, careful preparation and long-term planning.

The whole process is 100% transparent and everything is done on the basis of individual collaboration agreements with each supplier.

  • Top quality brands
  • Market leader in Denmark
  • Well established in Denmark
  • Relevant certificates
  • Wide range of products
  • Long product shelf life
  • Sufficient capacity
  • High delivery security
  • Competitive prices
  • Commitment for South East Asia

JHH International IVS • Jonas Hinge Hansen • +45 61 39 20 55 • jhh@jhhinternational.dk • Cvr 37840408